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Survey: Investigating the ruling class

Thanks so much for helping LeftRoots develop an accurate mapping of the ruling class.

As you probably know, LeftRoots ( has launched what will be a multi-year process to develop strategy for socialist liberation and to deepen the strategic capacities of social movement leftists across the country. 2017 is going to be a key part of the process as we’ve selected an Advance Team of nine cadre members who will spend seven weeks this summer developing at least one strategic orientation that the rest of the organization (and later, other movement allies) will be discussing, evaluating and refining beginning in the fall.

The strategic orientation(s) that the team will be developing will grow from a vision of 21st century socialism; assessment of conditions and social forces; and a projection of possible and likely scenarios of near-future developments. It’s obviously ambitious, and that’s why we’re looking to our allies to help the move the process along.

We are hoping the information you share will help us see things that might be invisible to us as we try to craft a liberatory strategy. We will not attribute any information we get to you without first getting your permission.

Thanks for your support!

Investigating the ruling class