Help rebuild the Left

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Restructuring Proposal Poll

After a couple of months of discussing and getting more clarity about the proposed set of changes, we’re now gonna vote on whether to move the proposal forward— so that we can discuss implementation and what this might look like. Your vote is important because IT IS NOT A DONE DEAL. If the membership votes in favor of the proposal, then all cadres will have a chance to offer input and suggestions on how we can best implement the proposal. If not, then we will use the November Branch meeting to explore other options.

The vote will take place through an online poll from Nov. 1 to 15. In order for the proposal to pass, at least 75% of the cadres in good standing must vote to support the proposal (vote 3 – 5). The results will determine our next steps.

  • If the proposal is adopted, we will launch into a process to gather our best thinking of what these changes could look like, in order to best move LeftRoots forward in its next stage of development. A timeline for that is attached.
  • If the proposal is rejected, then we will begin exploring new options at the November branch meetings.

You have the longer description of the proposal to refer to, but again, here are the five main parts of the proposal we’re voting on:

  1. Change the membership requirements so that everyone is participating in praxis circles (a new kind of organizational body) instead of committees.
  2. Reorganize the work currently done by the committees so that their work continues even after the switch from committees to praxis circles.
  3. Launch a political training program to support cadrefication.
  4. Reorganize and repurpose the branch meetings to prioritize national strategy development and learning from and grounding in local conditions and work.
  5. Launch the LeftRoots Laboratories Initiative.

The NCC has proposed this new approach and structure to advance our work for the next two years; there will be points of evaluation along the way.

As always, please feel free to reach out to NTanya and/or Steve if you have any questions. Otherwise, let’s vote!

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