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Praxis circle preferences

Please select your first, second, and third choices for your praxis circle theme. Your choices should be based not on how the themes tickle your intellectual fancy, but how well the themes describe your practical work in the social movements.

If you are in an in-person branch (Bay Area, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia), please indicate at the end whether you would like to work in a praxis circle composed wholly of people within your branch.

Praxis circle preferences
Indicate whether you would like to be in a local-only praxis circle, where all the members are from your branch.
Are you willing to be one of the co-leads for your praxis circle? Summon your inner protagonist!
Please describe your movement work. Include the sector or issue you work in, the type of work you do, where you work, and any state, regional or national alliances you are active in. Add any other details you think are relevant.
Select one.
Check all that apply.