Help rebuild the Left

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LeftRoots currently has two levels of participation: Cadre & Compa.

Cadres are active, dues-paying, voting members of LeftRoots branches. Hundreds of cadres are organized into seven branches around the country. The Bay Area, Boston, Los Ángeles, New York, and Philadelphia all have branches, and two ‘at-large’ branches meet online and have members all over the country. In all, LeftRoots has cadres in more than 30 cities.

Compas are the committed supporters and friends of LeftRoots who agree with the LeftRoots Points of Unity, and make an annual/monthly financial contribution to help ensure the success of this political project. Compas receive special invitations to LeftRoots programs, including our national LeftRoots HangOuts – online, virtual political education events featuring live interviews with movement intellectuals.

If you are interested in becoming a LeftRoots cadre please begin by becoming a LeftRoots compa.

If you are interested in becoming a LeftRoots compa, please fill out the online form here. »