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2020 General Baker Boot Camp Application

This is the application for LeftRoots’ 2020 General Baker BootCamp. The BootCamp is the first step to becoming a LeftRoots cadre—a formal member of this project to connect our frontline struggles to national strategy for liberation.

The 2020 BootCamp will be a seven-week series of online political training and discussion sessions designed to help participants learn more about LeftRoots and help the organization learn about the participants. Each session will have assigned readings that have been carefully selected to facilitate these discussions while looking at some of the important questions facing our movements today.

Completing the BootCamp is necessary to become a LeftRoots cadre, but signing up is not a commitment for either the participant or LeftRoots. Instead, it gives both a chance to learn whether the two are a good fit. If, after a participant successfully completes the BootCamp, she and the organization both agree that they are a good fit, it is then that she will join. To successfully complete the BootCamp, participants must attend at least five (5) of the seven (7) sessions.

Here are some key dates in this year’s BootCamp process:

  1. Nov 24: Deadline to apply to the 2020 General Baker BootCamp.
  2. Dec 10: Applicants hear back on whether they are invited to participate in this year’s BootCamp.
  3. Dec 20: Deadline to confirm participation.
  4. Jan 12: BootCamp begins, with sessions tentatively scheduled for 10am-2pm Pacific / 1pm-5pm Eastern. The BootCamp will run on seven consecutive Sundays. The dates are Jan 12, Jan 19, Jan 26, Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 16, and Feb 23.
  5. Feb 23: Deadline for final one-on-ones and bootcampers learn whether they are invited to join LeftRoots.
  6. Mar 7: Deadline for prospective cadres to accept invitation to join the organization.
  7. April: New cadres attend their first branch meetings.

To apply, fill out the fields in each of the sections below.

Sorry, this application is closed.