Help rebuild the Left

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2017 General Baker National Bootcamp Application

  • Which boot camp are you applying to participate in?
  • Are you...?
  • What racial/ethnic categories do you identify with? (Pick all that apply, holding down the command key to select multiple options.)
  • Please list the organization(s), issue(s), movement(s) and sector(s) with which you are mostly involved— either paid or unpaid.

    The question of class is complicated. LeftRoots is currently in a process to more clearly define “class” (and especially “working class”) for strategic purposes and to shape our goals for the class character of LeftRoots' membership. For now we are using a definition of working class that is broad but is used by many socialists and communists around the world: “working class people are those who must work for a living in order to meet their basic needs.” There are, however, layers of privilege and oppression that are important to note. LeftRoots seeks to strengthen its membership from activists who are not in a privileged layer of the US working class.

  • Given the explanation above, please select the option that best describes your class position.
  • Please describe your class position, in your own words. You might want to note your family background, current privilege and other factors that shape your understanding of your class.

    The boot camps will run for seven weeks in a row beginning the first weekend in April.

    • National online boot camp
      Sundays, 10am - 2pm PT
      April 2 – May 13 (Saturday, in observance of Mother's Day)
    • Los Angeles boot camp
      Sundays, 10am - 2pm PT
      Starts April 2
    • New York City boot camp
      The scheduling of the New York City Boot-Camp will be finalized soon, and will begin that same weekend.

  • Why are you interested in joining LeftRoots as a cadre member? What do you hope to gain?

    • Cadres are required to:
      1. support LeftRoots’ Points of Unity, Approach and Program;
      2. Pay dues between 1-5% of their annual income; and
      3. Be active and productive participants in monthly branch meetings, committee meetings and other work.
    • Being a cadre also involves commitment to embodying the LeftRoots Characteristics of Cadres, which can involve personal discipline, community-building, political study & training, abiding by organizational security protocols and collective accountability.
    • In order to support this high level of participation, LeftRoots has systems for cadre support, within our capacity.
  • What kinds of political or practical support do you think you would need to participate at this high level?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.